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Administrative team’s Viewing in Jianfeng Training BaseRelease Date : 2019-09-26

On July 7, 2016, Mr. Hu and Mr. Huang personally led the team and managed the study group to observe the Yuyao Jianfeng Training City.

Jianfeng is a well-known training institution for advanced management mode and a training base for national corporate elites. We are warmly received by Jianfeng customer service staff, fully understand the hardware facilities and training methods of Jianfeng Training City, and cooperate with lean production. The teacher and the procurement management tutor made a live exchange and were deeply inspired. In addition, we also saw some companies attend classes to learn and feel their enthusiasm for learning.

Through this observation, everyone fully realized the necessity of managing and learning in the current uncertain environment. They all expressed that they should pay attention to learning, improve management and improve their performance in future management activities.