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The Visiting and Inspection to Landlink's Foreign Trade from leaders of Cixi CityRelease Date : 2019-09-26

On the afternoon of August 13, 2016, Cixi Mayor Shi Huifang and Vice Mayor Hu Jianguo came to our company to investigate and guide foreign trade accompanied by relevant leaders such as China Merchants and Gutang Street. General Manager Hu Songjie and Deputy General Manager Huang Bofeng warmly received the city. Lead a line.

The city leaders visited the company sample room, listened carefully to Mr. Hu's report on the company's situation and development plan, and learned in detail about the company's current export situation and orders, the first half of the export data and the current practical difficulties in business operations. Mr. Shi personally asked about the company's current size and staff, emerging market entry, and network marketing and domestic sales. When he learned that the company's main market is in the Middle East, he shared his previous experience in Egypt and pointed out that China has a “Belt and Road” industrial park in the Middle East. According to the semi-annual export data of the street, he pointed out that the current foreign trade is under pressure, foreign trade has a major relationship with the local economy, and is concerned about asking us whether we have confidence in completing the task. Hu said that we will complete the task in the second half of the year. Finally, Mayor Shi made valuable comments and instructions on the company's development. He affirmed that Hanfeng's development pace is relatively stable and the model is also feasible. He encouraged us to boldly learn from other companies' innovative ideas and hope that Hanfeng will work hard to complete the task in the second half of the year. To make due contributions; he suggested that the company should be connected to the policy in the operation of the letter insurance, and the municipal government will increase support and support in this regard.

The visit of the city leaders and the delegation greatly encouraged all the employees of the company, and made all employees more confident and determined to do their job well.