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Foreign Trade Salesman/Assistant

Age/25-45/Number/1 Person/Salary/8K-15K
Release Date:2019-10-09

1. Customer development and market research;
2. Customer order project management and process problem solving;
3. Other tasks arranged by the supervisor;
4. College or above majoring in business administration, marketing, industrial engineering or foreign languages;
5. Have more than one year experience in marketing, foreign trade documentation or customer management. Excellent graduates are also eligible. Business experience in switchgear, socket, lamps, electronics and electrical appliances is preferred.
6. CET-4 or above, proficient in spoken English, proficient in OFFICE office software, master of Arabic language is preferred;
7. Familiar with international import and export trade process, preferably with project management experience;
8. Good business analysis ability, able to work under great pressure, preferring local nationality;