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Talent concept:Integrity as the basic, team collaboration; respect for differences, and common development;
Choosing Talents: We choose talents who are consistent with the company's culture and values, and assess talents objectively according to the requirements of job posts; we attach equal importance to both their inside characters and the outside performances, respect and promote the development of talents;
Educating Talents: we cultivate talents from the perspective of development, and encourage talents to constantly learn and make progress, to create favorable conditions for talent development through career paths and various training methods;
Using Talents: We put talents to posts suitable for them, trying to match talents with posts perfectly; we adhere to the principle of giving play to their advantages and avoiding their shortcomings at work, and never demand the so-called perfection for talents;
Keeping Talents: We provide good working environment, harmonious working atmosphere and competitive salaries and welfares, and establish a fair, impartial performance evaluation mechanism.