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The Visiting and Inspection to Landlink's Foreign Trade from leaders of Cixi City

2016-08-19 11:07:36

In the afternoon of AUG 13th, our company is visited by the Mayor Mr. Shi and the Deputy Mayor Mr.Hu together with their colleagues from Gu Tang Community of Ci Xi city. Our manager Mr.Hu and deputy manager Mr.Huang have warmly received them and then discussed with them on the subject of foreign trade.

The leaders went to the sample room of our company and listened to the development plan from our manager. They were also been informed about the detailed situation of export, new orders and the difficulties of operation. The Mayor, Mr.Shi asked about the scale and target market of our company. Also he asked for some information about the staff, new market access, network marketing and domestic sale. When he knew that our main market is Middle East, he shared his experience and information from Egypt and pointed out that China has ORBR industrial park in this district. According to the outlet data of Gu Tang Community, the Mayor also pointed out that we are facing  pressure of foreign trade, which is directly related to the local economy. When asked whether we have the confidence to complete our task this year, Mr.Hu permitted him that our company would complete our task in the next half year.

Lastly, the Mayor Mr.Shi offered his valuable comment and instruction about the development of our company and he affirmed the steady step of development and feasible mode of our company. He also encouraged us to draw on the innovative concept of other companies and continue innovating. The Mayor hopes our company would complete the task of the next half year and make the contribution to foreign trade of Cixi City. Finally, he gave advices about trading insurance under the cooperation of government. The government would increase the support and help to our company at the same time.

The visiting of the Mayor Mr.Shi and his colleagues has greatly encouraged our staffs to stabilize their confidence and determination to work harder and complete the entire task.